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Become the Master of Your Metabolism


We are now hosting Inspired Health as our authorized weight loss clinic through ShiftSetGo!

Inspired Health is our membership-based program designed to help members lose weight and maintain their weight loss. To get started, members receive a FREE initial consultation with our Stanely’s Pharmacy coach. During this consultation our coach will introduce you to the program and get to know you and your goals. 

Once you have joined the Inspired Health program, you’ll work one-on-one with our coach to achieve your goals based on our three-stage process. Our program provides you with a support system of other members who understand the process and will help you stay on track.

Vegetables, Healthy Habits

Phase 1

WEIGHT LOSS: Reset body to burn fat & lose the weight.

You will meet one-on-one with your coach weekly to maintain a dietary regimen with meal planning. You’ll learn more about your body, create healthy habits, and shift your mindset for success.

Phase 2

STABILIZATION: Rest mind to maintain a healthy weight & build healthy habits.

Once you reach your target weight (YAY!), you’ll make a plan for long-term success. At this stage we will start introducing whole foods back into your diet to replace Inspired Health meals and to put the healthy habits you've learned into action.

Phase 3

MAINTENANCE: Reset possible & live your fullest, healthiest, best life yet.

At this stage you have regained control of your life! You’ll continue to check in twice a month for the first year and monthly after that. Plus, you’ll have a lifetime access to Inspired Health resources and our community will always be here for you.

Fruits, Ideal Protein
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